What just happened in the European Parliament elections?

Ibrahim Sirkeci, 27 May 2019, London Last week EU member countries, believe it or not including the Brexiting Britain, held elections for the European Parliament. Overall, it seems far-right parties gained more support compared to the last round in 2014 while mainstream parties losing ground. British media dominantly shared the Continue Reading

Is the world not a safe place anymore?

Displaced people balance conflicts and insecurities at places of origin and of destination. Once you are on the move, migration, return or remigration is always on the menu. Syrians moved to Turkey fleeing the Assad regime. Now for many they are trying to reach Europe and avoid the insecurities of Turkey (lack of refugee status, volatile political system, tough labour market, to name a few). What awaits them in Europe is bleak and includes the rise of right wing parties across the continent and strong anti-immigration sentiment. The Brexit referendum in the UK was dominated by hatred against immigrants, for instance.

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