Migration Letters, Vol.13 No.3 is out

Please inspect the full issue at: http://tplondon.com/journal/index.php/ml/issue/view/77 Migration Letters, Vol 13, No 3 (2016, September) Table of Contents Editorial: The Migration Conference and 13 years of Migration Letters PDF Ibrahim Sirkeci, Philip L. Martin 329-332 Articles Acculturation contexts: Theorizing on the role of inter-cultural hierarchy in contemporary immigrants’ acculturation strategies PDF Continue Reading

A record 65.3 million people were displaced last year: What does that number actually mean?

The differences that define “good” and “bad” refugees misrepresent the conflicts that motivate movement. The need to divide “good” from “bad” renders the civil, social and environmental insecurities that drive migrants and refugees to move moot.

Türk ulusu, Kürt milliyeti ve Hitit Cumhuriyeti (İbrahim Sirkeci – Birgün Gazetesi – Londra Yazilari)

Türk ulusu, Kürt milliyeti ve Hitit Cumhuriyeti İbrahim Sirkeci – Birgün Gazetesi – Londra Yazilari 10 Subat 2013 CHP milletvekilinin talihsiz konuşması ve bu konuşmanın bol kepçeden çarpıtılması son haftalarda gündemi biraz gerdi. Güler Amerikan vatandaşı, Britanya vatandaşı ve benzeri gibi vatandaşlığa dayalı üst kimliklere benzer şekilde Türkiye’deki üst kimliğin Continue Reading

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