Covid-19 outbreak and the unbearable lightness of taking precautions: The Italian Job?

By Prof Ibrahim Sirkeci, Regent’s University London, UK | Dr M. Murat Yucesahin, Ankara University, Turkey | 24 March 2020, London We’ve been following the news of the coronavirus outbreak for months. Now, gradually, some patterns are emerging. Our analysis of World Health Organization data provides important clues both in Continue Reading

Is the world not a safe place anymore?

Displaced people balance conflicts and insecurities at places of origin and of destination. Once you are on the move, migration, return or remigration is always on the menu. Syrians moved to Turkey fleeing the Assad regime. Now for many they are trying to reach Europe and avoid the insecurities of Turkey (lack of refugee status, volatile political system, tough labour market, to name a few). What awaits them in Europe is bleak and includes the rise of right wing parties across the continent and strong anti-immigration sentiment. The Brexit referendum in the UK was dominated by hatred against immigrants, for instance.

Migration Pulse: Turkish Migration, the EU and the UK

The UK government has strongly backed Turkey’s accession to the European Union in recent years. While last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed French calls to re-start EU accession talks. Yet immigration remains a major concern for Western governments, which raises the questions about Turkey’s status as a source of Continue Reading

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